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They are absolutely fantastic. Truly, truly brilliant photos of a great night. I am totally overjoyed. Serously.

Esther Bennett

These photos are simply incredible. Wow!!! I like them all. Definition and colours are fantastic. You’re such an amazing photographer indeed.
Marco Marconi

These are lovely Ron. Some of the nicest photos from a gig I’ve ever seen. Excellent stuff!

Jamie Taylor

The world needs to see your photography! You’re ACE! Thanks for the tremendous snaps.

Fleur Stevenson

Huge thanks to the wonderful photographer Ron Milsom who has been taking shots of me during my live session videos online. Such a lovely surprise. He is a fabulous photographer.

Fiona Ross

Not forgetting my gorgeous photographer Ron Milsom who is part of the furniture at my gigs now! A nicer person to work with you will not find... and his photos are fab!

Kim Cypher

Ron Milsom you are a very clever photographer!! Thanks so much. You are a real artist.

Tina May

You are a master. So many great photos.

Scott Hammond

I just shared the phots as I think they're great!
Roger Beaujolais

Wonderful images Ron as always. Thanks for capturing such lovely moments.
Tommaso Starace


You do capture musicians in a really imaginative way and it is getting the action and sense of being there which is so important.
Sammy Stein

What lovely words my friend and some very nice images which I really liked and will indeed use. Thank you, your kind words meant a lot.

Gordon Giltrap

It has to be said, Ron Milsom is a great photographer - he always captures the 'moment' and has such great style - great to work with also!

Leigh Tarrant

Also, we have the pleasure to reveal the cover artwork for the album, a stunning set of images by English photographer and musician Ron Milsom.

Claudio Momberg

The pictures are fantastic! The lighting was definitely challenging, but this doesn't seem to have hampered you one bit!

Kirby Bryant (Danny Bryant)

Everyone has a phone and thinks they can take pictures - but you really see a difference when someone knows what they are doing. Fabulous shots.

The Nelson Brothers

Love your work Ron Milsom!!

Christian Finn (Cleeve Concerts)


Great stuff Ron! As always, Thank You!

Lee Noble (Cleeve Concerts)

Congrats Ron, right at the top in a 15 year long high standard of concert photography at The Chipping Hall, great to meet you.

Under The Edge Arts

​You did a really great job capturing Mud in that light.

Dave Tothill (Mud Morganfield)

​​The photos are fabulous - thank you so much. I will probably get some uploaded to my website for promotion. Really great stuff - very much appreciated.

Ian Parker


You are a genius! Thanks for these!

Alex Steele

Great work Ron, you consistently take excellent live photos, many thanks for this.

Lee Jones

​​Another amazing set of shots Ron and so lovely to have you on the sidelines. Thank you so much.

Fiona MacLeod (Ben Maggs)


Such a fantastic album of photographs from the second "Come as you are" Album Launch gig at The Convent, courtesy of the very talented Ron Milsom.

Ben Maggs

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