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About me

I’m a retired engineer and self taught photographer from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England.

Welcome to my world.  It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, so I’ll just let these images tell my story so far.  It’s a colourful place consisting of beautiful and magical locations - of musicians with enormous talents and drive - of personal memories and wonderfully happy days.

All my life I’ve enjoyed the natural world around me and listening to all types of music.  Having a passion for photography allows me to indulge my interests to the full.  The biggest pleasure for me is capturing on camera the excitement of live entertainment.  As a musician myself, I feel that I understand what is required for that special image.

Whatever the situation I can rely on my Canon 5D Mk III cameras and lenses to produce good shots under any conditions and I never go anywhere without my Canon G5 X compact camera.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in photography over the years, from 35mm film and darkroom processing to modern day digital cameras and constantly evolving technologies.  I’ve never had so much fun embracing change.  The computer and software applications that we now use are tools which are as important as the camera that takes the picture.

Now that I have the time available I plan to spend it more creatively, learning different techniques and taking advantage of new opportunities.  I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead.

This is just a selection from my portfolio.  I got enormous pleasure from creating these pictures, so I do hope that you enjoy viewing them.  To review my complete portfolio, please check out my Flickr account by clicking on the social media icon shown below.

If you would like to use or purchase any of the electronic images, then please contact me directly by email or by telephone.  Please see the Contact page for details.

You'll find me on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.

Thank you.

Stompin' On The Quomps 2019 LoRes.jpg
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